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Gift Cards for Kids with Cancer

Official Rules

The Raffle will run from Saturday October 28th to Sunday December 10th 2017. Tickets will be available until 7:00 pm December 10th.

Raffle tickets are a $10 donation each for a chance to win a private backyard concert by LA’s BackStage Pass.

Enter as many times as you would like.

The winning ticket will be drawn on Sunday December 10th at approximately 7:30pm live on Facebook at the Gift Cards for Kids with Cancer Benefit Party 2017.

Winner will have 7 days to respond and sign the rules and conditions, or another ticket will be drawn

The winning raffle prize will be a private concert performed by the band LA’s BackStage Pass, who will come to your backyard and play for 1 hour and 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon in the month of May, June, July or August of 2018 that will be chosen by LA’s BackStage Pass. One rain date will be permitted.

Must be at least 21 years of age to enter

No cash will be substituted in lieu of Backyard Concert prize

Raffle winner must provide a venue, backyard suitable to hold the Backyard Concert approved by LA’s Back Stage Pass within a 1-hour drive of Bradly International Airport in Windsor Locks CT

Winner must provide suitable 120-volt power

Winner is responsible for any and all permits and cost of such permits required by law for the Backyard Concert

Winner is responsible for any damage caused by any person attending the Backyard Concert to any property, equipment or personal or private property of LA’s BackStage Pass and its members.

Winner to provide adequate safe parking space for load in of equipment and safe parking for at least 5 vehicles.

If for any reason the band is asked to stop playing due to noise complaints by police or any other official, the band must comply, and the concert is considered finished at that point no matter how much time remains

Winner will not be able to profit from the concert in any way. Absolutely NO ticket sales will be allowed.

LA’s BackStage, Mike’s Auto Service & Repair Cannot be held liable for any Damage, extra expense ETC. for said concert

By signing this the winner agrees to all terms and conditions:

Signature of winner___________________________ Print________________________ Date____________________